Monday, July 11, 2011

Drama Circle Energized by Compelling Discussion and Dramas Surrounded by North Quabbin Art

Carla Charter
Drama Circle Energized by Compelling Discussion and Dramas Surrounded by North Quabbin Art

The July 9 Drama Circle got off to a great start Saturday as people and pets filed in.  Bill Brewer, who later presented one of his short stories, brought his dog.  Carla Charter arrived early and was let in by Sandra Lee Tobin, the shopkeeper for the day at the Art for Life Gallery and Shop next door. 
Sandra Lee Tobin
Sandra, a fabric artist, is one of the shop's featured artists for the month with the theme, Nature's Bounty, taking center stage.  Susan Paju, a painter, revels in cabbage, lettuce and asparagus paintings that are big and bold and colorful - a perfect complement to a kitchen, dining room, restaurant or any other space that celebrates the wonder of edibles from nature's garden.
Kevin Romano and Sally Howe

Carla's drama, "It's Not the Test!" led to a spirited discussion about children with learning disabilities and the practical reality of these students as they struggle to cope with standardized tests in the classroom.  Her Christmas drama, "Miracle of Faith" held many surprises and led to the presentation and discussion spilling over an extra hour.  Most stayed until the end.  

Marie MacDonald and Bill Brewer
The surprise of the day was Bill Brewer's dramatic reading of one of his many short stories about a confrontation between a politically radical book store owner whose shop features the far left and far right and the powers-that-be who show up to take him away in  the dead of the night.
(Left to right) Charlene Deam, Barbara Cortez and Julie Graziano
About a dozen theater buff's showed up to help with the readings, and a great time was had by all.  The discussions were led by artistic director, Genevieve Fraser.  Oh, yes, and the delicious rhubarb cake baked at Winterwood in Petersham was a great hit too!
Mitch Grosky and Michelle Gallien.  Michelle's daughter Doreen also participated.
"My Two Sons," a musical based on the biblical Prodigal Son by Hawaiian playwright, Raji Abuzalaf, will be the featured presentation on August 13 from 2:00 - 5:00 pm.  However, we will be changing the venue to a new location - to be announced soon!
Asparagus and lettuce paintings by Susan Paju who also serves as the webmaster
for the Art for Life organizational website.

Photo Credit:  Genevieve Fraser

Friday, July 1, 2011

“Miracle of Faith” and “It’s Not the Test” at Drama Circle Saturday July 9 in Orange, MA

Miracle of Faith” and “It’s Not the Test!” 
Featured Drama Circle Readings
Saturday July 9 in Orange, MA 

Carla Charter
Two dramas, “It’s not the Test!” and “Miracle of Faith,” by freelance journalist and novelist, Carla Charter of Phillipston, MA will be featured at the Drama Circle on Saturday, July 9 from 2:00 - 5:00 pm. at 7 East Main Street, Orange, Massachusetts.  The Drama Circle is dedicated to original works of the stage and screen and is open to the public free of charge.  

“It's Not on the Test!” is a story about a gifted child with learning disabilities who must deal with the way others think, disorganization, bullying and the dreaded standardized tests.   “A Miracle of Faith” is set on Christmas Eve in a neighborhood church in a poor section of town where an elderly woman encounters two strangers, adrift in the world with no place to spend the night. 

The Drama Circle is sponsored by the performing arts division of the non-profit organization, Art for Life.  Readings are scheduled for the second Saturday of each month.  If you are an actor or interested in participating in a reading or having an original play or screenplay read, please contact the artistic director Genevieve Fraser at Tel. (978) 544-1872, or email: