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Lincoln: The Musical" - Actors, Musicians, Civil War Reenactors, Sponsors and Volunteers Needed for 150th Anniversary Celebration of the American Civil War

Lincoln: The Musical" - Actors, Musicians, Civil War Reenactors, Sponsors and Volunteers Needed 
f0r 150th Anniversary Celebration of the American Civil War

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, the Drama Circle will be producing the world premier of an original drama, "Lincoln: The Musical" by Dr. Michael Riccards in the Orange Town Hall, 6 Prospect Street, Orange, Massachusetts during the week of July 4, 2012.  Genevieve Fraser, the artistic Director of the Drama Circle will serve as producer/director of the musical.  The Drama Circle is free of charge and sponsored by the performing arts division of the non-profit organization, Art for Life.

Auditions for "Lincoln: the Musical" will be held in January, time and place to be announced.  However, scripts will be made available for review and left at reference desks in libraries in the towns of Athol, Barre, Gardner, Greenfield, New Salem and Orange.  The music for "Lincoln: The Musical" is from the Civil War era.  

Plans also call for readings of  Civil War diaries and letters from the lost Quabbin towns and towns throughout the Quabbin region as well as reenactment activities, including a possible Civil War parade.  Along with actors, musicians, singers and Civil War reenactors, volunteers are needed to serve on the steering committee.  Planning sessions will be held at the Swift River Valley Historical Society in North New Salem, Massachusetts.  The commemorative readings are also planned for the Orange Town Hall.

Though the American Civil War began on April 12, 1861 with the Battle of Fort Sumter, it wasn't until the 4th of July 1862 that President Abraham Lincoln issued a call for volunteers for three years' service.

According to "A History of Massachusetts in the Civil War" by  William Schouler, "Prior to that date, no fixed district or town system for recruiting men for the military service had been formed by either the Commonwealth or by the General Government, and no system of local credits had been arranged, by which we could tell how many men had entered the service from any particular city or town."  Following Lincoln's call for volunteers on July 4, 1862, "the towns immediately held meetings, appropriated money, and fixed the amount of the bounty which they authorized to be paid."

Dr. Michael Riccards
Dr. Michael Riccards, the author of "Lincoln: The Musical" is an American political scientist, writer, and professor.  Riccards has been the president of three American colleges and has written extensively on public policy, the American political process, and the history of the American presidency. His book The Ferocious Engine of Democracy was praised by President Bill Clinton.  He currently serves as executive director of the Hall Institute for Public Policy in New Jersey.

Tax deductible contributions and in-kind donations are gratefully accepted.  Checks should be made out to "CF Pals Drama Circle" and sent to 1 South Main Street, Orange, MA 01364.  

For further information, or to volunteer or serve as a sponsor, please contact Genevieve Fraser at Tel. (978) 544-1872, or email: or visit the website:

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